Spanish 21

If you're interested in Blackjack but feel like the game can sometimes move slowly, Spanish 21 might be the variety for you. Spanish 21 is very similar to Blackjack, but includes a few key differences that many players at Silver Dollar Mill Creek feel make the game much more exciting. The deck used in this casino game is made up of six to eight 52-card decks without the ten-spot cards. These decks are sometimes referred to as "Spanish decks."

Spanish 21 Rules

There are a few additional rules involved in Spanish 21 that separate the game from its more common counterpart. In addition to the fact that the Dealer receives a hole card, other differences include:

  • Match the Dealer: This special side bet available at most Spanish 21 tables allows players to place a wager on whether one or both of their first two cards received in the hand will match the dealer's face up card. Matching either the suit or rank is enough to win, but matching both results in a bigger payout.
  • Small Card Values: As the ten-spot cards are removed in Spanish 21, the lower value cards increase in value during each game. While this makes card counting much more difficult, it does make the game move faster.
  • How 21 Is Handled: A total score of 21 will always result in a player win, even if the dealer also as 21.

Most other rules are the same as in normal Blackjack, which makes the game much more approachable for Blackjack enthusiasts visiting Silver Dollar Casino Mill Creek. Spanish 21 is owned by Masque Publishing Inc., a company based in Colorado.

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