Dragon Bonus Commission Free Baccarat


  • Player, Banker and Tie Wagers – $5 to $300
  • Fortune 7 Bonus Wager- $1 to $50
  • Dragon Bonus Wager – $1 to $300
  • Fortune 7 Bonus Table Aggregate- $18,000
  • Dragon Bonus Table Aggregate- $18,000


  • Player, Banker – $1-$300
  • Tie Wager- $1-$50
  • Fortune 7 Bonus Wager- $1- $50
  • Dragon Bonus Wager- $1- $50

Dealer toke payouts are not included in any limits applied to individual players’ winnings or to table aggregate calculations.

Dragon Bonus Commission Free is a version of Baccarat. The game play is identical to standard Baccarat, with two exceptions:

  • Banker bets push if they win with a three-card total of 7
  • Winning Banker bets are not charged commission


There shall be two sets of 8-decks used on a rotating basis in the shuffler; each set of
8-decks of cards shall be of different color.

Upon opening a new deck of cards, the cards will be checked for any irregularities by the dealer. The cards will be washed and hand shuffled prior to placing into the shuffle machine

The cards are to be offered to Players to be cut. Guest must cut a minimum of one deck from the front and/or back. The cut card will then be placed approximately ½ deck from the end of the shoe.


Prior to any cards being removed from the dealing shoe, players must place all wagers for that round.

  • Player or Banker Wagers – The hand with the highest point total after play wins even money. In the event of a tie, both hands are a push. Players are not allowed to wager on both in the same hand. One or the other is required to place a Dragon Bonus or Fortune 7 wager.
  • Tie Wager – In the event of a tie between the Player and Banker point totals; this bet will be paid 8 to 1 odds. This may be a stand-alone wager if it meets the posted table minimum requirement.


This game features two optional wagers: Dragon Bonus and Fortune 7. There are two betting spots per position for Dragon Bonus (Player and Banker) and one betting spot per position for Fortune 7.

  • The Dragon Bonus Wager Wins if:
    • The selected hand for the Dragon Bonus wager is a natural (two-card 8 or 9) winner; or
    • The selected hand for the Dragon Bonus wager is a non-natural that wins by four or more points
    • OutcomePays
      Wins by 9 Points* 30 to 1
      Wins by 8 Points* 10 to 1
      Wins by 7 Points* 6 to 1
      Wins by 6 Points* 4 to 1
      Wins by 5 Points* 2 to 1
      Wins by 4 Points* 1 to 1
      Natural Winners 1 to 1
      Natural Ties Push


  • The Fortune 7 bet wins and pays 40 to 1 if the Banker wins with three-card total of 7 points


The first card from the shoe will be removed and exposed to the guest. The dealer will then burn the number of cards equivalent to the exposed card value. Face cards will receive a value of 10; an Ace has value of 1.


Two hands are dealt in the game of mini baccarat one of which is called the Players Hand and the other is called the Bankers Hand. All bets must be placed before cards are dealt from the shoe. Once the first card is dealt from the shoe, bets may not be changed in any way, reduced, added to, placed, or removed.

The dealer deals the initial four cards from the shoe face down as follows: The first card out is placed in the appropriate Player position; the second card will be for the Bank hand and is tucked under the lip of the shoe; the third card again goes to the Player spot; the fourth card is tucked under the lip for the Banker.


The dealer will turn over the players 2 cards first and then turn over the bankers 2 cards looking for a Natural of 8 or 9 on the initial deal.
If either Player or Banker achieves a total of 8 or 9 on the initial deal,
The hand is known as a ‘natural’, and no further cards are drawn.
If neither hand has a Natural Win then follow the hand hit rules below.


The players with the largest Player or Banker wagers will have options at the time of action on that hand to hold and reveal the 2 cards or assign another player to reveal the 2 cards if this person isn’t wagering on the opposite wager as to the hand that’s being revealed.

No single person will touch or hold both 2 card hands in a round.
At no time will both 2 card hands be out in the player’s hands at the same time.

The dealer is the only person who can reveal or turn over the 2 card hand of either side that no player has a wager on. The person controlling the 2 card hand of the opposite hand can request when the dealer is to reveal the non-wagered hand, 1 or 2 cards at a time. As long as both hands are revealed to verify for a Natural Win or before any action is taken for the next card.

After the Player’s 2 cards are exposed face-up, the person holding the Banker’s 2 card hand will reveal the cards and return to the dealer to put face-up on the table in the Banker’s hand position.

If either Player or Bank achieves a total of 8 or 9 on the initial deal,
The hand is known as a ‘natural’, and no further cards are drawn.
If neither hand has a Natural Win then follow the hand hit rules below.

At no time will a hit card be given to a player until the initial 2 cards are revealed and returned to the dealer.

Both Player and Banker hands stand and will not be called dead after bets are placed and the deal begins. If at any time an accident happens where any card gets revealed before the controlling player gets to hold the cards, this is just that an accident. This will not change the action or the outcome of the hands, because the hands and action will remain the same. The hands will not be called dead.


Customers may request the dealer to deal out Ghost Hands; dealt hands without wagers placed by guest. The dealer will advise the floor supervisor on duty of the guest request



  • Take all losing Banker, Tie, Fortune 7 and Dragon Bonus wagers from right to left.
  • Pay all winning positions from right to left, paying Player then Dragon wagers.


  • Take all losing Player, Tie, Fortune 7 and Dragon wagers from right to left.
  • Pay all winning positions from right to left, paying Banker then Dragon.


  • Pay all winning Tie wagers 8 to 1 from right to left.


When any irregularity occurs, the dealer will immediately notify a supervisor.


If a third card is dealt to the Player’s hand when no third card is authorized by the game rules, that card shall become the third card of the Bank hand if the Bank hand is obliged to draw by the third card rule. If the Bank hand is compelled to stand by the rules the card shall be used to deal a “dead hand”. Utilizing the exposed card as the first card of the Player’s two cards; when dealing a “dead hand” no wagers will be allowed.

Any card drawn in error from the shoe shall be used as the first card of the next hand if it has not been exposed. If it has been exposed, follow the “dead hand” procedure above.

If there are insufficient cards remaining in the show to complete a round of play, that round shall be voided and a new round shall begin after the entire deck of cards has been shuffled, cut and loaded into the shoe and burned.


If any other irregularity occurs in the game the supervisor will remedy the issue on a case by case basis.

Side betting between and against player or against the house is prohibited.