In addition to the wide variety of pull tabs Silver Dollar Mill Creek features some of your favorite table games like Players Edge21 and Lucky Ladies Blackjack to name just a few. Our gaming area has comfortable executive style chairs perfect for extended gaming sessions with full drink service anywhere on the casino floor.

By simply making your next Washington Gold casino trip to the Silver Dollar Mill Creek you can experience a great time while competing to win big at anyone of our popular games.

Dragon Bonus Commission Free Baccarat

Learn more about wagers, shuffling techniques, burn procedures, dealing procedures, non-player hand held games and more.

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Four Card Poker

Four Card poker is played with a 52-card deck on a blackjack table. Each player has three circles in front of them: Aces, Up, Ante, and 1x to 3x Ante.

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Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker

Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow (or double handed poker) is an American-style take on pai gow played with a standard 52-card deck and a joker card.

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Heads Up Hold ’em Progressive

As a variant of the favorite Texas Hold’em casino game, Head’s Up Hold’em incorporates Texas Hold’em’s normal betting methods with additional aspects.

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Lucky Ladies

The Silver Dollar – Mill Creek uses a Dealing Shoe and six decks of cards. Lucky Ladies strictly adheres to the following rules and procedures:

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Players Edge 21 with Monster Match Progressive

Find out the rules, dealing techniques, pay procedures, wagers, features, and irregularities of this game!

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Pull Tabs

More Ways to Win! Our showcase of pull tabs includes dozens of bowls filled with EXCITING games ranging from 25 cents per ticket to one dollar tickets.

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